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Welcome to Once Upon RP!

Once Upon RP is a active ARK Role Playing community. We strive to host the best RP environment across all of the ARK servers.We feature a casual role-play server and a intense role-play server, but most of all we are a friendly community.

We require an interview to join the Ragnarok server to get to know people. It is not extensive, just making sure that you are a good fit for our friendly RP community. We typically host voice interviews, but text RP is supported. To request an interview, message a moderator and if and only if they don't respond, message an admin. Discord Link

For serious role-players, we have a Crystal Isles server, also knows as Avalore. To access this server, you must role-play on Ragnarok with us and show that you are mature and able to role-play. Applications are required for the Crystal Isles map and can be located here.

If you have even the slightest interest in ARK Survival Evolved Role Playing, try joining our Discord

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Beginner RP Server

Pro RP Server

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This server is not easy to run and it definitely does not pay the bills. We love hosting this server and creating the best content that we can so please help us keep it going! We love you all! Those of you who do decide to donate will also get a little in game bonus! Link to Patreon

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Ragnarok Server Page

Crystal Isles Server Page


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